GLORIOUS MORNING - This Sunday, August 4th, 4:30 AM
  • There used to be a pre-dawn bike ride on the first Sunday in August. Thousands of people would come out and tour the city at night and as the sun came up.

    The first year I showed up was the year the ride was cancelled.

    I was talking to some friends about the ride, why they don't do it any more, and the same question kept coming up.. Why not?

    Columbia Parkway's the only tricky bit for anyone comfortable with road cycling, and with the improvements made to Riverside Drive recently, the route can be switched to Riverside easily.

    So, this Sunday, we're getting together to ride. And, as they say, the more the merrier.

    GLORIOUS MORNING - This Sunday, August 4th, 4:30 AM

    THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL, UNSUPPORTED RIDE. Just folks getting together to ride bikes.

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