ultegra 105 (and maybe others?) rear shifter cable breakage
  • This controls the rear derailer, it will break. Two riders had failures on the last Tour de Sunday. You will know a failure is coming when the derailer starts shifting poorly occasionally. At this point individual wire strands are fatiguing and breaking. You can see them if you peek into the lever. I have replaced 2 on my bike over 4 years or so and I am not a high mileage rider but do use the gears alot.

    Do yourself a favor and just replace it every year. It is an easy job if only a few stands are broken but becomes a chore if it breaks. Moreover, when it breaks it can damage the shifter requireing replacement which is very $$.

    I bet there is a Youtube on the replacement but its pretty intuitive to do yourself.
  • My cables on my Jamis Ventura Race lasted about 5000 miles (approx 1 year) before the rear cable broke. I didn't get any fraying on mine. It just snapped. I replaced them with Gore Ride On cables. So smooth. It's like having all new shifters.

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