Ideas for a Kentucky social event
  • We don't want to neglect our neighbors to the south. Are there any ideas for non-ride, family friendly, social events in Northern Kentucky?
  • Cow tipping?
  • Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club!!!!
  • There are any number of parks in Northern Kentucky offering concerts, movies and the like. Picnic and a movie? picnic and a concert? Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club ain't bad either, but I don't know how kid friendly it is and I also don't know if kid friendly matters.
  • All great ideas. I would like to have a kid friendly event. We've got a 1000 member party coming up soon that should be a great time.
  • One year for a Cluster Picnic we rented the pool and picnic area at Kincaid Lake State Park for a great price. We had a blast. I think, at that time, the pool with 2 life guards and the picnic area was under $200. We got the pool for 2 hours after it closed to the general public at 5pm. so there were only CCC folks swimming. The picnic area we had all day.

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