Tuesday AM Casual Ride
  • We have a slightly different route planned for this week. We’ll start from Fleckenstein Park which is on Mason-Montgomery Rd. north of Mason. We’ll ride to Lebanon, stop at Irons Fruit Farm, and do a great downhill over a course of 25-plus mils.
    Be ready to ride at 10:00 a.m. We ride at a casual pace (around 12mph); no one left behind. Lunch after the ride.
    DIRECTIONS from the East: Take I-71 north to Kings Island Blvd, turn left at end of exit ramp (1st traffic light) onto Western Row Rd., stay on
    4-lane boulevard (changes name from Western Row to Tylersville Rd) for 2 miles, turn right and stay on Manson-Montgomery Rd. for 3 miles, look for
    park on your right.
    DIRECTIONS from the West: Tale I-75 north to Tylersville Rd. exit, turn right and stay on Tylersville for 2.7 miles, turn left and stay on Rt. 42 (Reading Rd. in Mason) for 2 miles, turn left at Mason-Montgomery Rd. and stay on Mason-Montgomery Rd. for 2 miles, look for park on your right.
    > Bob Myers
    > 513-923-3949 (home0
    > 513-807-5929 (cell)
    > Ron Ginger
    > 513-336-0395 (home)
    > 513-508-6164 (cell)

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