The Loss of "Botts Hill Bob"
  • "Botts Hill' Bob Johnson is on my mind. Bob Johnson, a big man, built like a Grizzly Bear, but with the disposition of a Teddy Bear. Bob Johnson a fixture on the front porch of the Rabbit Hash General Store. Bob Johnson friend to all. Bob Johnson, stone mason and cyclist of the highest degree. Bob could lay 5000 pieces of stones so straight that a laser transit couldn't shoot a straighter line. Bob probably logged more mile on a bike in Northern Kentucky than anyone I've ever known and most of them were done while he was wearing jeans and work boots! Try it, I dare you!! Bob suffered a stroke a few years ago and lost the ability to balance on a bicycle for more the a couple of minutes and as a result he lost one of the loves of his life, bicycling. A few years later he suffered a serious injury to his hand when a split rim truck tire exploded while he was changing it. With the injury came lots of pain which made for lots of other problems for Bob. Well, a couple of weeks ago those problems became more the Bob's bear like frame could carry and he ended his own life. Some say it is a sin to do so, some say it is a waste to do so. Bob would say it was his release. Me, well all I can say is I will miss that bear of a man more that anyone will ever know. Sleep well my friend, there is nothing to worry about now....
  • I didn't know him, but he sounds like a great man.

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