Queen City Bike

The Cincinnati Cycle Club and Queen City Bike are proud to announce a partnership to jointly promote cycling in the Cincinnati region. Within this partnership, the Cincinnati Cycle Club, the largest and oldest cycling club in the region, will focus on promoting cycling as active, healthy lifestyle by offering the largest selection of group rides, social activities and cycling support in the tri-state region. And, Queen City Bike, Greater Cincinnati's only member-based bicycle advocacy organization, will focus on making our streets safer for cycling and on bringing our unique and diverse cycling community together.

To enable this partnership, Jim Lindner, Cincinnati Cycle Club's Director of Education and Safety, serves as the liaison between both organizations.

Ohio Bike Federation

The Cincinnati Cycle Club collaborates closely with the Ohio Bike Federation to help improve bicylcing through legislation, education and sharing ideas.

Ohio Bike Lawyer

The Cincinnati Cycle Club collaborates closely with Steve Magas, the Ohio Bike Lawyer, to help improve cycling through advocacy activites, sharing ideas and promoting legislation.