Ever wonder how some cyclists stay motivated throughout the riding year? Riding with friends certainly helps, but so does setting a personal goal. BREVET de RANDONNEUR represents the Cincinnati Cycle Club's ultimate award in recognition of the commitment and determination it takes to achieve a personal best. It's an award that cannot be bought. It can be earned only by you through riding and providing service to the club. There are three different levels of achievement. Don't worry about how many levels you think you can or cannot achieve. What is important is that you set your sights on a riding/service goal and achieve it! Here is what you need to do to join CCC's elite achievers and be formally recognized by your peers at the annual dinner meeting.


Complete ALL Four Requirements
  • Ride on 12 Cincinnati Cycle Club rides.
  • Ride on one metric century (62.5 miles - in one 24 hour period)
  • Ride 1,000 miles in one 12 month period
  • Accumulate 15 Service Hours (Service Hours are, “Hours of effort by the individual working toward the award that are in some way beneficial to other club members or its mission as described by the club’s bylaws.)


Complete Level I and ALL Four Level II Requirements
  • Complete a Double Century (200 miles in not more than two days) after proper preparation, including at least 4 training rides exceeding 25 miles plus one ride of 100 miles or more.
  • Ride 2,000 miles in a 12 month period.
  • Accumulate 30 additional Service Hours after level 1
  • Complete any Three Substantial Cycling Accomplishments. Examples include:
    • Design and build a bicycle (with some unique design features -assembly of "off-the-shelf components" does not count)
    • Complete an overnight unsagged trip of 50 miles or more.
    • Complete 52 commuter trips in a 12 month period (any trip replacing auto transportation - includes errands and would not be restricted to trips to and from work)
    • Participate in a licensed bicycle race at any level (includes hill climbs and time trials)
    • Complete an extended tour of 300 miles or more.
    • Complete three centuries (in addition to those counted for Level I or in item 2.1 above)
    • Complete a ride across one of the 50 states of at least 150 miles in length.


  • Complete Level I, II and ALL Three Level III Requirements
  • Complete a double century (200 miles) in 24 hours
  • Accumulate 60 additional Service Hours after level 2
  • Complete any One MAJOR personal accomplishment preapproved by Randonneur Admin. or the CCC BOT. Examples include:
    • Ride 4,000 miles in a 12 month period
    • Complete an unsagged tour of 1,000 miles or more.
    • Complete a RAAM qualifier (finish the course(s) as required to qualify.
    • Complete a coast to coast crossing of the United States or equivalent sagged or unsagged.

NOTE: In the event a rider chooses to complete more than one level of the Brevet in the same year, the requirements are cumulative. For example: 2,000 miles ridden to qualify for section 2.2 of Level II cannot be used towards 4,000 miles in section 3.2 of level III. The above requirements do not use the point system for the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP), but for reference each point would convert to about 4 service hours.

NOTE: Before you attempt to start any level, please contact the Brevet Administrator for any instructions, and to ensure you have the current requirements.


Contact: Brevet de Randonneur Cyclist
C/O Jim Lindner
2947 Windom Dr.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251
Phone: 513-742-2411