Ride Leader Information

Becoming a Ride Leader

Ride leaders are the heart and soul of the Cincinnati Cycle Club. Riding is what we do and rides are the most visible feature of our club. Our ride leaders keep the calendar filled throughout the year with over a 1,000 rides. Anyone can be a ride leader. If you have an idea for a new ride or don't see your favorite ride listed, consider joining our ride leaders' team.

Becoming a ride leader is easy and rewarding. To start, contact your Cluster Leader. The Cluster Leader is responsible for helping you get started, helping you plan, making sure you are prepared for your first ride, and supporting you as you continue to lead rides. Ride Leaders are responsible for planning, advertising and managing their rides. There is no requirement for the number or type of rides you lead. Rides can be anything from a family oriented ride on the bike path to a century ride. All the club asks is that you are a current club member, that your ride follows all club rules and policies, and that you ensure the ride follows all laws and is safe. In addition to the pleasure of leading a ride, all rides that a leader supports qualify as part of the club's Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) and part of the Certified Ride Leader program.

What Does A Ride Leader Do?

(see detailed Ride Leader Responsibilities below)
  • Arrive 15 minutes or more before the ride
  • Carry pen/pencil
  • Circulate waiver, check eligibility and count riders
  • Inform non-members of club's insurance requirements
  • Check helmets
  • Give ride introduction/safety briefing
  • Be familiar with the route
  • Lead by example: Exhibit safe riding skills and follow the rules of the road
  • Keep the advertised pace
  • Interact with the riders in a friendly and professional manner
  • Make sure everyone makes it back to the ride start (no dropped riders)
  • Be prepared to handle any incidents/accidents safely
  • Reflect positively on the Cincinnati Cycle Club

Ride Leader Certification

The Cincinnati Cycle Club has established a Certified Ride Leader Program. This program recognizes those Ride Leaders who have dedicated their time providing high-quality rides during a calendar year. Each Ride Leader who is certified will be given a special Ride Leader Jersey that he or she can wear everytime they lead a ride.

To become a Certified Ride Leader you must:
  1. Be a Cincinnati Cycle Club Member in good standing
  2. Have led at least 12 rides, meeting all responsibilities established for a Ride Leader
  3. Handled all logistics for your rides, including planning, advertising and overall management
  4. Have attended the club's Ride Leader training class
  5. Be nominated by a Cluster Leader
  6. Be approved by the Board of Trustees

Ride Leader Information and Forms

Ride Leader Responsibilities
Standard Waiver
Child Waiver
Accident Report