Ride Rating System

The Cincinnati Cycle club utilizes a ride rating system for all of its rides. This is to ensure consistency with all club rides. When choosing a ride, please make sure to choose a ride that matches your abilities.

Description Terms:

  • Speed: The advertised speed is an expected average. Straight and Flat Portions will exceed the advertised number.
  • No Drop: A No Drop Ride will have a rider wait at all turns and at the top of all hills.
  • Hills: As Cincinnati is a City of 7 Hills, some hills are to be expected. Intermediate rides can expect total vertical gain over the ride to be 1,500 feet or more. A ride is defined as HILLY if over 1,500 feet of vertical gain is expected on a ride of 25 miles. A ride is described as EXTREMELY HILLY if over 2,500 feet of vertical gain is expected on a ride of 25 miles.

Rating System

Rating Color Code Speed No Drop or Drop Hills Notes
Beginner Speed of slowest rider (8 - 10 mph) No Drop Relatively flat Route may be altered to match the abilities of the group
Social/Casual 10 to 13 mph No Drop Limited Hills
Intermediate 14 to 17 mph No Drop Hilly  
Advanced Over 17 mph No Drop optional Extremely Hilly
Elite Race Pace Drop Extremely Hilly

How it Works

A ride is classified by its most challenging single element, whether that be speed or hills. For instance a ride that has a speed of 12 mph on flat roads will be classified as social or casual, while a ride that has a speed of 12 mph but has over 1,500 feet of climbing will be classified as intermediate.

With some rides there will be multiple speed groups. In these cases, the rating associated with the slowest speed group will be highlighted, along with a description of each type of speed group. An example is a ride will have an "A" Group that with an average speed of over 20 and a "B" Group with an advertised speed of of 15 to 18. In this the ride would recieve an Intermediate rating.