Volunteers Needed

Club Management Volunteer Needs

The club has the following immediate needs for managing the club (These are non-voting position however all are eligible for VIP points):

  • Newsletter Editor - Working with the Director of Communication, this individual will draft and format the monthly newsletter, the BikeWriter.
  • Overnight and Destination Ride Director - This individual will be responsible for developing new overnight and destination rides, including vetting and proposing destinations to the Board for approval and recruiting trip/ride leaders who will manage the rides.

Ride Volunteers Needed

  • Ride Leaders - This individual is responsible for planning, advertising and managing a ride.
  • Event Ride Leaders - This individual is reponsible for planning and managing all details specific for one of the club's Event Rides. An example an Event Ride is the Annual Chili Ride. The club very much is seeking to add new Event Rides are bring back rides from the past, such as the River Rendevous or ACACAC.
  • Overnight and Destination Ride Leaders - This individual will be responsible for planning and managing all details specific to an overnight and destination rides.
  • Ride and Event Ride Support - The club is continually seeking volunteers for rides and event rides, including speed group leaders, sweeps, ride registration help, SAG help, rest stop help, etc. These positions are generally fun and rewarding, and are an excellent way to get started with volunteering.

How to Volunteer

Contact your local ride leader, cluster leader or a member of the Board of Trustees.

Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)

Cincinnati Cycle Club is a 100% volunteer supported organization. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the club, supporting everything from leading our regularly scheduled rides, to supporting a major event like the Chili Ride, to participating on the Board of Trustees. The club thrives on the energy and passion of our volunteers. To recognize and encourage volunteering the club has a Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP). Now, volunteering can be fun and now it can be rewarding!

Program Overview

The goal of the program is not only to reward our current volunteers, but also to encourage new volunteers to start new rides, volunteer to support events or host social events, and to help run the club. Besides having fun supporting your club, you now have the chance to earn points which can be used for club merchandise.

So here's how the VIP program works. Every time you volunteer for an event you get points (points vary by type of activity)

  • Ride leaders earn points
  • Those who support regular rides as a Speed Group Leader or Sweep earn points
  • Those who host a social event earn points
  • Those who help out with a major event earn points
  • Those who help lead the club earn points, and so on!

Your points will accrue throughout the year. This year, the points will accrue from April 1 through October 31st. At the end of this period you can cash in your points on club merchandise or donate the cash value to a new fund that has been established to allow the club to support advocacy activities. All rewards will then be distributed at the club's Annual Dinner.

Club Merchandise

In support of the VIP, that club has developed a collection of club merchandise. Merchandise ranges from a club-branded water bottle to t-shirts, to sweatshirts, to a jersey to a wind jacket. 2014 Club memberships are also available as part of the merchandise collection. All merchandise has been assigned a point value. VIP points are used to purchase club merchandise.

For more details on this program, click here to download an overview and the merchandise catalog.